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Hi, and welcome! I’m Laurie Erickson, Sonoma Scent Studio’s perfumer, and I’d like to introduce myself. I'm lucky to live in the beautiful rolling hills of Sonoma County in northern California's wine country. I live and work in a cottage that has a little front garden, a wrap-around deck, and a view of the neighboring vineyards. The cottage is literally hugged by the gorgeous California oak trees that I love so much, and my logo incorporates a graceful oak leaf illustration drawn for me by a local graphic artist.

I've enjoyed gardening with fragrant flowers since childhood, inspired by the roses, sweet peas, and jasmine that my mother and grandmother grew. Growing flowers in my gardens over the years sparked my initial interest in blending essential oils, but I soon discovered that I enjoyed blending with woods, incense, and spice notes as much as with floral notes. Growing up among the beautiful California oaks and coastal redwoods that I find so peaceful and soothing has influenced my perfumery style.

In my early years I spent a lot of time on the local wooded trails both on foot and on horseback, giving me a life-long appreciation for our natural environment as well as a stockpile of pleasant natural scent memories and associations. I enjoyed many warm afternoons in the shade of the oaks, redwoods, and bay trees, savoring their scents mingled with the scents of moist earth by the creek and dry dust on the trail. I had a serious accident at age 20 that ended my hiking and horseback days, but I still find ways to enjoy the outdoors and am fortunate to have such beauty right outside my doorstep.

About Sonoma Scent Studio

My love of natural sciences led me to earn a B.S. in Environmental Earth Science and M.S. in Geomechanics at Stanford University, and then I worked briefly as a technical writer (I wrote a technical window system manual for computer programmers at Sun Microsystems, wrote several articles for the San Francisco Chronicle, and had a cover story published in HerbalGram). I formally established Sonoma Scent Studio in 2004, and it quickly required all my attention. I love sourcing beautiful new ingredients and have grown my inventory of essences along with the business.

Sonoma Scent Studio bottleI blend and bottle all the scents by hand in small batches here at my studio. The internet has given me the ability to offer my products directly to you online, and I love being able to interact directly with you via email. I truly have the world’s most wonderful customers. I offer small sample sizes and encourage sampling before choosing bottles. I hope you enjoy trying the scents!

Best wishes and happy sniffing!

Laurie Sonoma Scent Studio

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