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Tabac AureaTabac Aurea

Tabac Aurea has an enticing golden amber drydown and a pipe tobacco note that is enjoyed by women as well as men. It's smooth and softly gourmand, with notes of amber, woods, spices, tobacco, leather, tonka, labdanum, patchouli, and vanilla. The amber accord combines dry earthy notes with sweet elements and subtle fruity touches to create an addictive, beautiful, golden aura. One of our top three best-selling scents.

Photo shows the 34 ml bottle. To purchase, please visit the Mixed Media Collection page.

Fragrance Notes: Cedar, sandalwood, tobacco, leather, vetiver, patchouli, clove, tonka bean, labdanum absolute, amber, vanilla, musk.

Tabac Aurea Sonoma Scent StudioRelease Notes: Released March 26, 2009.

Perfumer's Comments: This scent opens with some leather and earthy notes but the tobacco gradually blooms over the opening minutes and then lasts throughout the drydown. When I first sniffed the rich, sweet scent of blond tobacco absolute years ago, I was very surprised that I loved the smell of it given that I've never smoked or been around pipe tobacco. Blond tabac absolute smells like pipe tobacco but is complex with nuances of hay, moss, and woods. The nicotine is usually removed from tabac absolute during the production process, and there is no nicotine in Tabac Aurea. Other ingredients besides tobacco, both synthetic and natural, can be used to enhance tobacco notes.