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Rose MuscRose Musc

A feminine blend of rose and lovely skin musks, enhanced by dry ambergris and a light touch of dusky labdanum. Rose Musc is long-lasting with rosy sillage and a sensual base that fans of this scent say they find enchanting.

Photo shows the 34 ml bottle. To purchase, please visit the Archive page to see if it is in stock.

Fragrance Notes: Rose petals, amber, labdanum absolute, skin musks.

Rose Musc Sonoma Scent StudioRelease Notes: Released August 2007, updated Feb 2009.

Perfumer's Comments: Instead of a soliflore like Velvet Rose, I wanted Rose Musc to be a true rose softened by a powdery musk base. I like the innocence of the rose paired with the dusky labdanum and musk. Although the blend has a very light touch of animalic notes and a musk base, it is still almost a soliflore.

Image shown is Rose by Alphonse Mucha 1898.