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Pacific ForestPacific Forest

Sunlight filters through the trees as you walk your favorite path, enjoying the sights and scents of the earthy forest floor, the woody tree bark, and the green, sweet tree needles. This perfume features these summer forest notes married to a cozy amber base. Over 99% natural.

Cafleurebon AwardPhoto shows the 34 ml bottle. To purchase, please visit the Naturals Collection.

Fragrance Notes: Fir balsam, hemlock spruce absolute, clove bud absolute, western red cedar, Virginia cedar, Texas cedar, pine, New Caledonia sandalwood absolute, frankincense, labdanum, oakmoss absolute, oakwood CO2, patchouli, earthy notes, natural heliotrope isolate, natural violet ionone isolate, benzoin absolute, cocoa absolute, vanilla.

Release Notes: Released 12/28/2015

RedwoodsPerfumer's Comments: I wanted to create an all-natural version of the Forest Walk scent that I released in 2012, using similar natural wood notes but grounding them with a mellow all-natural amber base. This scent features prominent fir and hemlock spruce notes along with three kinds of cedar, pine, oakwood, oakmoss, and sandalwood. I chose to retain several synthetics at very low amounts because I felt that they were important to the scent, but the end result is still 99% natural. One such molecule is called geosmin, which is found in nature and is what gives the characteristic scent of damp earth; it is only needed in tiny amounts to have an effect.

West Coast forests have a distinctive scent that I find to be soothing. Apparently, I am not alone in finding comfort in forest settings because forest therapy has become popular in some parts of the world!