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EquestrianForest Walk

With top notes of apple and grass, heart notes of leather, hay, and violet, and base notes of sandalwood, cedar, moss, and light amber, Equestrian is an outdoorsy yet civilized take on a hay and leather theme. Filtered sunlight streams through the barn’s hay room, well-oiled saddles and bridles hang in the tackroom, horses graze on crisp grass in the pasture, and riders arrive with apple treats in their pockets for their four-legged friends. Equestrian has a cozy drydown with good lasting power and soft sillage.

Photo shows the 34 ml bottle. To purchase, please visit the Mixed Media Collection page.

Fragrance Notes: Apple accord, grassy notes, hay absolute, leather accord, jasmine sambac absolute, violet, labdanum absolute, Virginia cedar, natural oakmoss absolute, patchouli, New Caledonia sandalwood, benzoin.

Equestrian Sonoma Scent Studio Release Notes: Equestrian was released in June 2016.

Perfumer's Comments: The scents of hay, grass, and leather have very good associations for me because I spent most afternoons of my youth at a nearby barn, riding and also working at the barn to help earn my horse’s keep. I have always thought that it would be fun to build a scent around an equestrian theme, using hay absolute as a major player. When a sample of a lovely new leather accord arrived in my hands late in 2015, I knew it was time to work on this idea.