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Spiced Citrus VetiverSpiced Citrus Vetiver

This all-natural perfume blends woodsy Sri Lanka and Indonesian vetivers with sweet, tangy blood orange and a spice accord of ginger, cinnamon, and clove. Jasmine sambac and precious osmanthus absolute round out the heart, while Mysore sandalwood, Virginia cedar, and vanilla provide grounding basenotes. The combination of vetivers with a generous amount of rare Mysore sandalwood provides a smooth, soft woodsy drydown. This is a different take on vetiver -- gentle enough to wear when an unobtrusive scent is needed, but with special ingredients that appeal to the niche perfume lover. For women and men.

Chemist in the Bottle AwardPhoto shows the 34 ml bottle. To purchase, please visit the Naturals Collection page.

Fragrance Notes: Blood orange, bergamot, ginger CO2, cinnamon bark CO2, clove bud absolute, jasmine sambac absolute, osmanthus absolute, Sri Lanka vetiver EO, Indonesian vetiver CO2, Virginia cedar, Indian Mysore sandalwood EO, vanilla.

Usage notes: Citrus essential oils increase skin susceptibility to sunburn, so save this perfume for when you will be indoors and wear something else instead for a day in the sun. Also, natural citrus oils have a shorter shelf life than most other essential oils, so citrus perfumes should be used and enjoyed within a year.

Ingredient collageRelease Notes: Released May 2013

Perfumer's Comments: I enjoyed making an all-natural blend around the classic citrus/vetiver theme. Although Spiced Citrus Vetiver is woodsy, it is not at all heavy and is suitable for all-season wear.

Ingredient collage shows (left to right, top to bottom): blood orange, clove, ginger, osmanthus, vetiver, sandalwood, cinnamon, bergamot, vanilla.