Artisan perfumes made in Healdsburg, California


Cameo features a lovely rose accord with soft violet on a base of sandalwood, ambergris, labdanum, cedar, moss, and musk. The rose and violet add a romantic touch while the sandalwood and musk provide sensual basenotes. The first few hours showcase the rose, but the late drydown is a woodsy, mossy musk enhanced by the remaining soft floral notes.

Photo shows the 34 ml bottle. To purchase, please visit the By Request Collection page.

Fragrance Notes: Rose, violet, amber, labdanum absolute, sandalwood, cedar, orris, oakmoss absolute, musk.

Cameo Sonoma Scent StudioRelease Notes: Cameo was originally released in 2007 but was removed from the list in May 2008; Cameo was re-released in June 2009 with an updated formula after many requests for it to return.

Perfumer's Comments: I wanted Cameo to be a feminine rose with a soft, smooth, woodsy musk base. I wanted it to be more complex than the soliflore Velvet Rose, to have a stronger sandalwood note than the cedar-rich Rose Volupte (and not to include plum notes), and to be woodsier than Rose Musc. It does have a touch of the powdery violet that is prominent in Lieu de Reves, but it does not have the vanilla/heliotrope of Reves and has much more rose.

Image by Found Image Press