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Winter Woods

A cozy perfume featuring ambered woods with a touch of smoke, perfect for fall and winter. The long-lasting drydown of amber, woods, musk, and oakmoss is slightly sweet and gently smoky.

In The Woods by Renoir

Perfumer's Comments: I love combinations of woods, amber, and smoke notes and wanted to create a scent that was gentler than the Fireside scents but captured the coziness of sweet smoky winter woods.

Fragrance Notes: Guaiacwood, cedar, sandalwood, birch tar, cade, oakmoss absolute, castoreum, amber, labdanum absolute, vetiver, ambergris, musk. Released September 2008, updated with new low-atranol natural oakmoss in May 2009 (the new version is very much like the original but perhaps a tad less sweet).

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   Oakmoss, or Evernia prunastri, is a lichen that grows on oaks as well as some other trees and is harvested to produce oakmoss absolute. The absolute is green or brown and is very thick; it has a wonderful earthy, mossy aroma with herbal and green nuances. Oakmoss absolute is a skin allergen to a small percentage of people, so its usage is restricted to small amounts of the low-atranol natural version, and synthetics are often substituted instead, though they don't smell as beautiful as the natural. Winter Woods contains natural oakmoss.
Guaiacwood, or Bulnesia sarmienti, is a small tree native to South America that yields an oil with a sweet, spicy, smoky, woodsy aroma. The oil is produced by steam distillation of the wood and is semisolid at room temperature but is easily melted with gentle heat and then mixed with alcohol (it's one of the easiest solids to work with and quite pleasant because of the spicy woodsy scent).


Photo shows the 34 ml bottle. To purchase Winter Woods bottles or samples, please return to the Fragrance page.


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