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The vials shown above are on sample cards. When you order individual scent samples in the 1 ml dauber vials, the vials do not come on the cards. However, the cards can be done by request when you want a few samples to be part of a gift. Or, you can purchase deluxe boxed sets of 10 or 12 carded samples on the Gifts page.

Fragrance samples can be purchased on the Fragrance page. Fragrance samples are available in two options: 1 ml vials with dauber rods or 3 ml refillable glass spray vials with screw-on caps and plastic protective overcaps.

Descriptions for all scents are given on the scent description pages that can be reached from the Fragrance page.

At left: 1 ml Dauber Samples (glass dab vials, no cards)

3 ml Spray Samples (refillable glass mini spray vials w/ screw-on sprayers and push-on overcaps)

Note: The mini sprays come with plastic overcaps as shown on one of the spray vials in the photo of the empty sprayers below. They were removed for photo at left to show the sprayer more clearly. We have new 3 ml sprayers that look very similar to these but are a bit taller and have ribbed collars. We will update the photos as soon as we can.


Photo at left shows the mini sprayers without any fragrance in them. One has the plastic overshell on and the other has the plastic overshell removed. We ship with the overshells on.

    To purchase the 5 ml travel sprays shown at left, which is the next larger trial size up from sample vials, please go to the Fragrance page.

    To purchase boxed sets of carded 1 ml dab samples as shown at left please go to the Gifts page.

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