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Cocoa Sandalwood

This all-natural perfume is a gourmand for lovers of natural sandalwood. A luscious cocoa absolute melds with New Caledonia sandalwood absolute, spices, and a lactonic natural peach note. Vanilla and a subtle hint of coffee make the chocolate richer, while woodsy cedar and musky ambrette seed reinforce and complement the sandalwood. For women and men.

Photo at left shows the 34 ml bottle.
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Fragrance Notes: Cocoa absolute, coffee absolute, ginger CO2, cinnamon bark EO, clove bud absolute, natural peach lactone, rose absolute, Virginia cedar, New Caledonia sandalwood absolute, ambrette seed CO2, vanilla.

Release Notes:
Released January 2013


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Perfumer's Comments: Cocoa absolute is a decadent, thick brown liquid that is a bit like a melted dark chocolate bar. Coffee absolute smells like the darkest black coffee. I wanted to make use of these ingredients with New Caledonia sandalwood and a natural peach lactone to create a creamy natural woodsy gourmand. The cocoa and peach lactone enhance the creamy, buttery aspects of the sandalwood.

Ingredient collage at right shows (left to right, top to bottom): chocolate, sandalwood leaves, peach, cloves.


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