Jasmine (Sambac, Grandiflorum)Jasmine Sambac

Jasmine sambac and Jasmine grandiflorum are the two types of jasmine most often used in perfume. Jasmine sambac makes a great potted houseplant, blooming freely year-round when it is happy. Currently, IFRA guidelines allow much higher levels of Jasmine sambac than Jasmine grandiflorum in perfume.

Jasmine Sambac is the 8-petaled blossom shown.

JasmineJasmine flexile and Jasmine auriculatum are two more jasmine oils used in perfumery, but they are only rarely used. Pink jasmine is sometimes listed as a note, but the oil is not generally available so it is most often a constructed note. The vine called Star Jasmine is actually Trachelospermum jasminoides rather than a true jasmine, and Gardenia jasminoides is the common gardenia, not a jasmine.

Jasmine Grandiflorum are the 5-petaled blossoms shown.