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Two Collections: Mixed Media and Naturals

Note: We are currently taking a summer break and have taken the shopping cart Add To Cart buttons down to temporarily prevent orders. If you are an international customer visiting the USA during our break, please send us an email at info@sonomascentstudio.com and we will take care of your order; we do not want you to miss your chance for easy shipping and we are happy to time shipping to a hotel while you are here. Also, if you need something for a gift or you are a signature scent customer and are running low, we will take your order during the break. We will be back to take all other orders after the break, and you can follow updates on our blog in the meantime. We have left the scent descriptions and prices up so you can browse (see links and drop-down menus below). Thank you!

Sonoma Mixed Media

The mixed media collection includes scents created with beautiful natural ingredients complemented by carefully selected synthetics to achieve effects not possible with naturals alone. Concentration of most is extrait at 20-24% fragrance. Prices vary with the cost of ingredients used. To make it easier to find your favorites, this collection is divided into two groups: non-florals and florals (though there is some overlap -- for example, the woodsy musky notes in Wood Violet are as important as the floral notes). Click scent names to see full descriptions or hover over the names to see notes lists. Click the bottle sizes to see pictures of the bottles.

(click scent names below for full descriptions)

Ambre Noir
Champagne de Bois
Fig Tree
Fireside Intense
Forest Walk
Incense Pure
Sienna Musk
Tabac Aurea
Winter Woods

5 ml Travel Sprays:
1 ml and 3 ml Samples:
17 ml Bottles:
34 ml Bottles:

(click scent names below for full descriptions)

Jour Ensoleillé
Rose Musc
Rose Volupté
To Dream
Velvet Rose
Voile de Violette
Wood Violet
Yin & Ylang

5 ml Travel Sprays:
1 ml and 3 ml Samples:
17 ml Bottles:
34 ml Bottles:

Sonoma Naturals

A new collection in progress, made with 100% natural ingredients in a base of natural organic alcohol or organic oil. The alcohol-based perfumes are eau de parfum concentration. These perfumes are for people who enjoy softer scents that stay closer to the skin than mixed media scents but that highlight gorgeous natural materials in their purest forms. The collection will grow over time; the first three scents are listed below. Hover cursor over the scent names to see notes lists, or click scent names for full descriptions (full descriptions will be added as each scent is completed). Amber Incense is not ready but will be coming in the future.

Spiced Citrus Vetiver
Cocoa Sandalwood
Amber Incense

5 ml Travel Sprays:
1 ml and 3 ml Samples:
17 ml Bottles:
34 ml Bottles:

By Request

Scents available by special request

These fragrances are not currently part of the regular scent menu but can sometimes be ordered by request, usually with a slight time delay. Minimum order is 17-34 ml. Email your request and we can let you know if/when it is possible. Once the order is set up, we can send you a PayPal invoice. Samples of these scents are usually available as your free choice with an order if you want to sample one (please list a second choice just in case we are out).

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